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New Innovation

Managing the caravan, from setup to takedown, is remarkably hassle-free.


Collaborating with successful and experienced architects and designers in different fields, we continue to offer an innovative and a cutting edge product beyond limitations;

It combines the "outdoor" lifestyle with comfort and safety, equipped with high quality design and engineering features.

An Innovation from Future: Drive and Cruise

Different recreations meet in one…
Our new product, a combination of nomadic, minimalist lifestyle and comfort and luxury, adjoins different purposes by keeping up with the ever changing world dynamics



It is manufactured from a Monoblock, non-flammable and antibacterial fiberglass body.

Monoblock technology keeps the inside cabin temperature same in either hot or cold weather. Thanks to its 20mm high density Polyurethane insulation, the cabin walls create the thermos affect condition, which prevent heat transfer from the inside to the outside and reverse. It means your cabin stays the same temperature when you heat or cool it.

The antibacterial feature of the cabin also stops any bacteria growth and formation.

HOTOMOBIL’s fiber-reinforced composite materials with long lasting high chemical and mechanical strength, flexible structure and very high impermeability are also applied in yacht and composite industry products.